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Brooke V. Anderson Romance Series (Book One)


Brooke’s boyfriend had whisked her off her feet and into the high life of Salem’s elite. But Chad’s pretty-boy looks and bottomless bank account mask a cold heart. After four years of abuse, Brooke plans to escape – the problem is Chad mustn’t find out. She needs to return to her hometown in Canada with her grandpa fast. But Brooke’s options are limited, and she is forced to think on her feet.

A last-minute phone call to a haulage firm helps Brooke meet an unexpected ally. Rhett Armstrong comes to her rescue and offers to move her belongings across the border. What’s more, he senses Brooke needs a friend and a ride home – even if that ride is a four-day trip cross-country. Brooke is naturally cautious but needs to move fast with time running out, so she hits the road with Rhett.

Will Brooke use the opportunity of a four-day road trip to move her life on? And can her friendship with Rhett move her in more ways than one?

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Rhett’s big rig may not be a white stallion, but could he be her knight in shining armour? Or will her road trip simply remind Brooke that life’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey? 

Move Me - Paperback

Move Me - Hardcover

Brooke V. Anderson

"There is something about him that gives me pause. I don’t know what it is.

I can't quite put my finger on it."

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Rhett S. Armstrong

"Her beauty caught my eye, but her courage captured my heart."

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